It's Pet Appreciation Week!


Big Fella (right) basks in the glory of belonging to a UT Dallas alumni family. 

In honor of Pet Appreciation Week, June 4-10, we'd like to take a moment to acknowledge not only our two- but also our four-legged friends. 

It's widely known that UT Dallas alumni are delightful people who, by extension, claim delightful housemates. 

Take Big Fella for instance, a proud member of the Piper family, which boasts UT Dallas alumna Rena Piper BA'16, Mr. Piper and their little fella.

Big Fella as Superman.

According to mom, 5-year-old, 90 lb. Big Fella is a rescue pup believed to be a mix of American Bulldog and Labrador. Special skills include playing dead when shot with a finger gun, believing with all of his heart that he is, in fact, "one of the kids," sneaking onto their man-made trampoline to prove it, and playing in water. Favorite foods include watermelon and blueberries, as well as anything scrumptious the two-leggeds happen to drop.

Do YOU have a big / little fella, too?

Send pet photos to to be featured as UTD Pet of the Month. 

Whooshing you a purr-fect week!  ?  ?  ?