Happy Belated Old Rock Day (Yup, It’s a Thing)


Well, this past Sunday — Jan. 7 — was Old Rock Day. (Yes, we were just as surprised that day exists as you likely are.)
No word on how or why this day is on the calendar, but we thought it would be — ahem! — “gneiss” to use this moment to take a stroll through our beloved rock garden.
Located between the Founders and Founders North buildings, the garden was presented in January 1993 as a gift from incoming geosciences department head Dr. Kent Nielsen to outgoing program head Dr. James Carter.

  • The weights range from about 100 pounds to 1 ton.
  • The oldest rock on display is a metamorphic rock from Wyoming that is 3.5 billion years old (about ¾ the age of Earth).
  • There are five sedimentary rocks, six metamorphic rocks and seven igneous rocks. Twelve of the specimens come from Texas.
  • On very hot days, asphalt oozes from the pores of a large sample of petroleum-reservoir limestone, which forms blisters on the side of the specimen.

Don’t be a stranger. Drop by whenever! They aren’t going anywhere. Here’s a handy, dandy map to serve as guide.