Students Pack 16k Meals in Honor of MLK’s Legacy



“The time is always right to do what is right.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Earlier this month, 100 students and volunteers celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by helping others. Sixteen thousand meals were packed in the span of an hour. The meals provide food security for the needy in the Dallas area.
Taking part were students from a variety of organizations, including the Terry Scholars and athletic programs, along with new freshmen that wanted to contribute.


After packing more than 16,000 meals, volunteers proudly smile and celebrate by tossing their hairnets into the air.


“The school and district that I’m from — there are a lot of people who need reduced lunches. So, volunteering meant a lot to me, because I know that if we had the time or opportunity to help people who are less fortunate than ourselves, we should do it.” — Luis Vielma, junior in diversity program


Undergraduate Success Scholars pause while divvying up ingredients for the meal packages.


Workers from the Feeding Children Everywhere program were eager to help UT Dallas students learn the packing process.
(Photos by Sarah Wall)