Wintertime at UTD


Whether a dusting or a blizzard, snowfall is always memorable on campus. Here’s a look back at a few times when UTD was blanketed in the cold stuff.
. . .

Founders Building and Berkner Hall flank the UTD sign in a field of snow in this photo from the early 1970s.


Founders Building and Berkner Hall  are shown from a different angle in this early 1970s photo.


There was little activity outside on this cold, snowy night in the ’70s.


A lone student crosses the bridge toward campus from what are now Lots A and B.


The Love Jack looks good draped in snow. Of course, it always looks sharp! (Photo taken in 2010.)


Ice and snow hit campus again in 2013.


In 2015, Darlene Gonzaga stuck out her tongue to catch falling snowflakes.


Also in 2015, Christof Zaayman and Jenn Nguyen met up between classes to enjoy the snow.


A look at the President’s Walk during a brief snow storm in 2017.