Texans Can Spruce Up Lawns with Native Plants


Bee on purple flower
Homeowners in Texas love this time of year to get outdoors and do some gardening. But many are putting time and money in the wrong kind of plants for this region.
Gary Cocke, associate director for energy conservation and sustainability at UT Dallas, recommends using resources such as txsmartscape.com for selecting the right plant for the right location — even if its in the shade.
There are many benefits to using native plants, Cocke said. They are diverse in color and variety. They are suited for the Texas climate and require less irrigation than non-native plants, so they are cost-effective and more likely to survive the summer. They are also great for our environment.
“Native plants give bees and pollinators the habitat that they need, and you will enjoy the buzz of a vibrant garden,” Cocke said.
–Robin Russell