Campus Critters


With two creeks and nearby open land, our campus naturally attracts wildlife. Check out a few of the critters that visit UTD.
Bee on a flower
Bees are in abundance due to the several apiaries housed on campus. Worker bees can *bee* seen gathering nectar from the diverse flowers on campus. They take back to the rest of the colony this nectar that will eventually turn into honey. (DYK: We have a class on honey bees!)

Butterfly on flower
Four waystations on campus help provide food and a safe habitat so that butterflies can safely make pit stops while migrating.

Rabbit looking up with ears alert
While most of the bunnies only come out in the evening, students who catch a glimpse of them are sure to be thrilled by the amount of adorable fluffiness.

Duck in water
Ducks are rather fond of our reflection pools and are frequently found wagging their tail feathers.

Bird looking around
From robins to blue jays — and the occasional hawk — campus is home to many kinds of birds.

Toad blinking
Toads, though rare to spot, are a toad-ally awesome find. ?

Squirrel eating
Squirrels will take a break at any spot on campus to munch the day away! *insert nom nom nom noises here*
–Sarah Wall