Crafty #UTDgrad Caps


Svend Tambis places a “please hire me” self-promotion on his mortarboard. Here’s to a head start on the job hunt, Svend.
It’s becoming a tradition leading up to commencement week — soon-to-be graduating students gathering together to decorate their mortarboards.
Hosted by the Senior Year Experience of the Student Transitions Programs office, the event offers another outlet for crafty Comets to showcase their creativity. And puns. There’s no shortage of puns.

Sarah Almahayni gives a tip of the hat to her major with a “punny” caption.


Shirley Ochieng crafted a road across her cap, symbolizing her journey from Kenya to UTD.


Abhinav Desai planned to decorate his cap with a distinct design so family and friends could easily find him in the sea of graduating Comets.


Nida Nasir adorns her mortarboard with bright colors and sparkles – because you can never have enough bright colors and sparkles.