UTD After Dark


Lights over the campus mall fountains at night
Campus is beautiful during the day and remains stunning when the sun goes down. Take a look at some of our favorite nighttime shots of UT Dallas.

The New Addition: ECS West

People standing outside E-C-S West at dusk

Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center

The sun sets behind the alumni center

Founders Building

A lone student walks toward a lit-up Founders Building at night

Sunset by the ATEC Building

The sun set lights up the ATEC Building

The Trellis from Above

A drone shot of the Trellis with the misting column running and lit up.

Diwali at the Plinth

This year’s event will be held at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 2 at the Plinth.
Students celebrate the Festival of Lights at the Plinth

Lit at the Plinth

The event featured musical performances by students.
A student sings a song on the Plinth

Science Learning Center

The tile pattern was inspired by the atomic emission spectra of gases and human DNA when it is separated in a process called gel electrophoresis.
The Science Learning Center lit up at dusk

The Bioengineering and Sciences Building (left) and NSERL (aka the Mermaid Building)

The path between the BSB and NSERL buildings lit up