#utdgrad moments so far that Comets shared on social media.

" /> #utdgrad moments so far that Comets shared on social media.


#UTDgrad Celebrations


We may not be able to commemorate graduation in person at the moment, but the celebrations are carrying on nonetheless!
Below are some of our favorite #utdgrad moments so far that Comets shared on social media.

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grateful for everyone along my four year journey of bachelors. an unforgettable experience cherished forever… near and far! cheers🥂 #UTDone #utdgrad #yeehaww !

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#animalcrossing #utdgrad #utdallas #graduation #animalcrossinggraduation

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Here's an obnoxious amount of pictures of me being a happy grad because I didn't fail ASTRONOMY!!!! First college graduate in the fam #firstgen Masters of Healthcare Administration here I come!!!! #utdgrad

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“Knowledge is not power. The implementation of knowledge is power.” —Larry Winget #utdgrad #mastersdegree #graduated🎓 #utdallas #utd #finallydone #timetorelax #neuroscience #hijabi #hijabifashion #muslimgraduate

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B.S. Information Technology & Systems 👨🏼‍🎓 this is a huge milestone for me and my family, as I juggled many different things throughout my college career. Without supportive family and friends this wouldn’t be possible, so I’d like to personally thank everyone in my life for that🙏🏼 it was a crazy 4 years full of life lessons & experience and I’m grateful for that and all the great connections I’ve made! Alhamdullilah. We out! 🎊 #UTD #UTDone #UTDgrad #thxchegg

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@turtlenekcs caught me hitting the whoosh Anyway, as of sometime this week (?) I have officially graduated with dual Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Child Learning and Development #UTDone

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What a ride! Can’t believe how fast these last four years flew by!! When I entered here I was but a learner, now I have a bachelor’s degree! @atec_utdallas @ut_dallas @utdcometlife @official_temoc @utdallasalumni #utdgrad #graduation #utdallas #temoc #comet #starwars

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today I was supposed to walk the stage…instead i walked the sidewalk 😂 #UTDone

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UT Done☄️🥰

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Today I would have FINALLY graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Global Business with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I know, I can’t believe I’m barely getting my degree. For some reason I decided to take a sightly longer path to get here. I know it doesn’t seem like much but I’m proud of myself. I don’t know how many times I debated on quitting but I knew this was just something I had to check off on my list. I didn’t get to walk across the stage today or take my graduation photos like I wanted to but I always imagined Levi would have been in the photos with me. I always joked that I was doing this for his future. But don’t worry I’ll have real pictures eventually, my momma insists so stay tuned. Let’s see what God has in store for me next, I’m excited! #classof2020 #utdallas #utdalumni

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Jack of all trades, Master of… One? // 📸: @anish_ahaha #mastersdegree #utdone #utdgrad #gradschool

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My mother came to this country with nothing. She raised three children on her own with no financial help. She worked countless of hours to make sure we had everything we ever needed and then some. She pushed us to out work everybody and gain as much knowledge as possible. Today, my mother accomplished what many only dream of, and she made her dream come true. All of her children are now first generation college graduates with Enginnering degrees. To everyone who helped me along my journey, thank you. To my sister, my brother, and my wife thank you for being my support system and believing in me even when times were hard. I am proud to be a Latino, but most importantly I am proud to be an educated Latino. “Don’t be a statistic, be the example.” Jose Alfredo Escobar Jr. Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering The University of Texas at Dallas

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So nice I did it twice! Ya girl is an MBA, Class of COVID-19!! 👩🏼‍🎓 Also here’s my official announcement that I’m addicted to school and that this fall, I will be joining the University of Texas School of Law, Class of 2023! On a serious note, thank you UTD for the last 7 years that have truly defined who I am. #whoosh 💫 👌🏻 And hello, Austin here I come! #hookem 🐃🤟🏻 #utdone #utdallasalumni #utdallas #utaustin #lawschool #utlaw

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Is it just me or is it one degree hotter outside? 👩‍🎓 • • • Honestly though, “nevertheless she persisted” is probably the best way to describe my college career. From pursuing a medical degree for 3 years to then start over and pursue a marketing degree was a looooooong journey but mama I made it! (Seriously she’s very relieved) A little bummed I can’t walk the stage today but a huge thank you to my parents, fiancé and friends for making this a special day! I wasn’t able to take my grad pics so aaron grabbed the camera and we went outside our apartment and took some. What a special day🧡

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👩🏽‍🎓👏🏼🎉 #utdgrad2020 #firstgeneration #utdone

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After 4 years, I finally completed both my degrees in B.S. Information Technology & Systems and B.S. Marketing! Made the best of memories throughout my time at UTD and am super fortune to have such an amazing support system ❤️ Even through COVID-19, I was granted the opportunity to begin my career at Citi in Dallas! #utdone #classof2020 #newgrad #graduate #covid19 #utdallas #utd #graduation #graduationpictures #graduate #citi #citigroup #citibank #grad #dallastexas #dallas #dallastx

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Today, I OFFICIALLY graduate from THE University of Texas at Dallas! B.S. in Psychology and Child Learning & Development, Minor in Criminology ✨ 3.5 GPA ✨ Psi Chi Honors ✨ Undergraduate Success Scholar ✨ 2018 SBSLC Oratorical Winner ✨ President of Black Congress ✨ Tau Xi Miss Black & Old Gold ✨ Undergraduate Research Scholar Award Winner Next stop…GRADUATE SCHOOL at Sam Houston State University #SHSU22 #UTDone #bbsgrad photo creds: @adelia.lillie

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I’m a college graduate!!! 👩🏻‍🎓💫 It definitely did not end the way I had imagined, but I couldn’t be more thankful for my time at UTD and for the unending support from my family and friends throughout the years. Can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life in July!! #utdgrad #jsom #whoosh

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I honestly don’t even know what to write for this post. The ending of my masters program wasn’t how I expected it to be, as I’m sure most graduates are feeling the same way. BUT I am very thankful to be where I am today. I came into the psychological sciences program interested in health disparities, race concordance between patient and provider and discrimination; I’m leaving the program during a pandemic with primarily those same interests. The racial disparities in health and healthcare are apparent and it is my goal to use my research interests to give back to black and brown communities and to help educate. I’m glad to be adding two letters to my name and I’m excited to see where my future takes me!!! ✨✨✨

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So many things happened leading up to this moment. I wasn't sure how I would feel. Just so thankful to God for filling me up with joy to know that today is a day worth celebrating regardless of walking the stage. No better place to celebrate than with my work family and patients that I love so much. So blessed to be a degree smarter. 2020 GRAD 🎉 #utdgrad

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