Celebrating the UTD Class of 2020



While spring commencement ceremonies will have to wait for another day, we sent celebratory care packages to members of the Class of 2020 to recognize their achievements.
Below are a few of our favorite highlights from social media that captured the moment the box arrived.
If any spring graduates have yet to receive a package, email Meredith Hamilton at meredith.hamilton@utdallas.edu.

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I struggled a lot to get my Masters. A combination of not feeling like I was smart enough and being ashamed of my own shadow had me feeling like I wouldn't make it to the finish line. Throw that on top of everything the year 2020 had to offer us and I was feeling pretty hopeless. However, I persisted. I fought feelings of insecurity and inferiority and managed to get this amazing degree. My path was long and arduous, yet I prevailed. For many, my degree is a "piece of paper" that I wasn't money and time pursuing. But those people will not realize the relationships I cultivated, the skills I obtained, and the confidence to pursue my own goals my experience at UT Dallas provided. I owe a large portion of growth to this piece of paper and look forward to paying it forward. It's been an honor to complete my education at the University of Texas at Dallas. #utdgrad #2020graduate🎓

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I had a blast at my own Corona Commencement thrown by my amazing Family!! I am proud to be part of @utdallasalumni and of my amazing time at @ut_dallas ! UTD! WHOOOOSH! 💫

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It finally happened! I've finished my BA in Arts & Technology, and I'm so excited to start the next chapter of my life: working full-time in interactive design. I couldn't have done this without the support of my family, friends, professors and peers. 🎓 #utdgrad

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Thank you UT Dallas and all the faculty with the MPA program. I could not have achieved this goal without your support, guidance, and amazing courses! #utdgrad #utdallas

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I finished my second degree in Child Learning and Development with honors this semester and I’m excited to start graduate school in the fall 🎓❤️ #UTDone #Classof2020 #2020graduate🎓

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I received my grad package today!💕💕loving it~(^з^)-☆ Whoosh!!@ut_dallas #utdallas #utdgrad #classof2020

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