Comets Recall Their Favorite Memories of UT Dallas



It’s been a year of unprecedented events, but that can’t stop us from celebrating the achievements of the Class of 2020 (spring, summer and fall), and recollecting fonder times.

We asked Comets to submit their favorite memories of UT Dallas. Here’s what they had to say.

Angela Carrasco

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

“One day I stayed in Founders Building studying for a neuroscience exam with one of my classmates drawing on the boards, laughing and stressing like crazy for the exam. We spent around six hours there, sketching the brains and blood vessels to memorize them!”


Hope Cory

Bachelor’s Degree in Public Affairs

“Meeting my best friends at a coffee shop near campus my first semester and then getting to experience college together.”


Brett Friedheim

Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering

“My most memorable experience was my participation in the UT Dallas Ring Ceremony. I got to dunk my ring in the water to mark a new milestone for my education at UT Dallas.”

Jeremy Herrera

Bachelor’s Degree in Visual and Performing Arts

“My favorite memories were my improv class with Kathy Lingo and attending performances, including ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ in 2019. I brought my dragon fur suit/costume for the Halloween preview night.”


Himangi Kulshrestha

Bachelor’s Degree in Child Learning and Development

“Working at the Student Wellness Center as a peer educator. This job gave me the chance to engage with the student body, build lasting friendships with my co-workers and supervisors, and personally grow into a confident individual.”


Carmen Mejia

Bachelor’s Degree in Global Business

“Getting free elote (Mexican grilled corn) during Hispanic Heritage Month from the Multicultural Center. I was studying for an exam in the library, and they were having this big celebration outside. I always enjoyed the events they held. It was a nice break from studying!”


Nedeke Ntekim

Master’s Degree in Neuroscience (summa cum laude)

“One of my favorite experiences at UTD was working in Dr. Tres Thompson’s Aging and Memory Research Lab. I also enjoyed attending school events like Weeks of Welcome because it exposed me to many school organizations and to new people. The Weeks of Welcome event is also where I first met the school mascot.”

A group of students pose for a selfie in the library

Rushikesh Patel

Master’s Degree in Information Technology and Management

“There was a certain quiz given by Dr. Avanti Sethi, and he gave students the option to take those quizzes in group if we wanted. Our group used to meet on every Saturday and tried to solve all the problems. I am grateful to Dr. Avanti Sethi for this class. I met some of the most selfless and intelligent fellow students here who helped me a lot, not only in statistics but also in the interview preparation.”


Erik Sharp

Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

“My favorite UT Dallas memory was the presentation my group and I participated in for Dr. Ann Fey’s Circuits and Applied Electronics class. My group placed second with our hand-gesture controlled RC car. It was a fun project, and we had a blast seeing the other teams’ designs as well.”


Selina Weber BS’19

Master’s Degree in Healthcare Leadership and Management

“Meeting my husband as a freshman in our rhetoric class back in 2011. Besides that, I made countless unforgettable memories being a Sister of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority. I also took part in ASB (Alternative Spring Break) to San Antonio in 2017 and loved that experience so, so much!”

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