In Memoriam: Fall 2017

Bruce C. Abernethy MA’64, January 2017
David W. Allen BS’99, February 2017
Lace B. Archibald BS’81, May 2017
Christine E. Barbee BS’12, June 2017
Deborah L. Corley BS’83, June 2017
Michael I. DeFord BA’88, February 2017
Elizabeth (Liz) Francis MS’81, March 2017
Mikal B. Galperin BA’93, MS’96, April 2017
Megan L. Getrum BS’03, April 2017
John D. Goodrich BS’85, 2017
Howard B. Hamilton Jr. MS’75, PhD’78, May 2017
David G. Harkness EMBA’03, June 2017
Lisa E. Hazzard BS’89, June 2017
Carol A. Hinds BA’85, February 2017
Charles R. Hipkins BS’77, January 2017
Hunter N. Hock BS’14, March 2017
Harold T. Humphries BS’78, July 2017
Souligi Dana Antoinette Kelly-Barron BA’93, Teaching Certificate’02, July 2017
Patsy K. Keyser PhD’89, May 2017
Mary Jane Mathieu BS’81, March 2017
James L. McKenzie MA’87, PhD’90, July 2017
Shannon L. Moncure MAT’98, February 2017
Beverly Montgomery BA’83, July 2017
Everard Zane Morse BS’04, December 2016
Richard J. O’Connor BS’82, January 2017
John Michael Penaska BA’09, May 2017
Erick A. Potts BS’92, March 2017
Jana K. Ringener BS’90, May 2017
Stephen J. Roman Jr. BS’90, July 2017
Era Schwartz MS’76, March 2017
Edward C. Schwille BA;98, March 2017
Barbara A. Sheldon BS’88, March 2017
Souren R. Soumbatiants MBA’97, January 2017
Julie A. Stevenson BA’04, July 2017
Joan K. Stokey BGS’83, March 2017
Victoria Dawn Tannos, Teaching Certificate’97, June 2017
Anabel S. Thompson BA’78, April 2017
Cynthia F. Upchurch MAT’85, February 2017
David Wayne Valencia BGS’90, June 2017
Jeffrey S. Van Slyke BS’12, February 2017
Douglas P. Walbert BS’10, July 2017
Ronald R. Werner MS’81, May 2017
Glenn M. Wilson BS’85, July 2017
James C. Young, Teaching Certificate’96, June 2017
Delmar L. Zahniser BA’82, February 2017
Carla C. Ziots MS’98, February 2017

In Tribute

We continue to mourn the loss of five alumni who were killed by a gunman in Plano, Texas, on September 10, 2017. University President Richard C. Benson reached out to the UT Dallas community with this message [excerpted here]:

“I had no idea that the senseless violence would have connections to UT Dallas and would impact so many. We have confirmed that these Comets, who had formed friendships on our campus that carried beyond their collegiate lives, were victims. Many are touched by this news. As Comets, we unite in extending our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims.”

Anthony (Tony) Cross BA’07
Olivia Defner BS’15
James Dunlop BSEE’11, MSEE’15
Meredith Lane Hight BS’13
Rion Morgan BS’08


Faculty, Staff and Friends
Keith Heckathorn, July 2017
Nelda Magnuson, September 2017
Jerry Cocreham Moore, May 2017
Udupi Ramachandra (U.R.) Rao, July 2017
Patricia Ann Rudkin, June 2017
Allen Rupert, September 2017
Helen Ann Small BS’07, MS’10, May 2017
Nancy Van, October 2017